Имя Исполнителя: Jennifer White
Псевдонимы: Jen Allure, Carly Friedman
Профессия: Porn Star
Страна Происхождения: United States
Раса: Caucasian
Цвет Глаз: Brown
Цвет Волос: Brown
Рост: 157 cm
Вес: 52 kg
Грудь: 86
Размер Груди: C
Натуральные/Искусственные Сиськи: Натуральные
Размер Обуви: 7
Татуировки: Back of neck
Пирсинг Tongue; navel; four piercings in
Талия: 53
Объем Бёдер: 83
Дополнительно: Jennifer entered the industry in 2009 at the age of 21 and has since admitted it was always a fantasy of hers to have sex on film. She has had huge success in the teen niche of the industry due to her young, fresh good looks but has performed in a variety of scenes including anal, lesbian, double penetration and solo.
She has stated that she's a bit of a computer nerd and that if she was stranded on a desert island the three things she'd want with her are a vibrator, matches and a tent.

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